bride and groom with son on rock in river

Kellie and Jason's sweet wedding gives "rustic" a whole new meaning. This event started with a few close friends and family hiking for a hour with the couple to their ceremony site, Wahclella Falls.  Accompanying them was Kellie and Jason's adorable son, Dash.  This intimate, woodsy wedding is definitely one to remember! Thank you to Powers Photography Studios for sharing this lovely event.

Our Favorite Things:

  • The picnic basket snacks (What other wedding reception serves beef jerky and raisins with champagne?)
  • The couple's decision to have an utterly unique wedding that felt true to them
  • Dash's wooden sign ushering his mom to his dad

guests hiking to remote wedding ceremony location
bride smiling on hike to waterfall for wedding ceremony
waterfall in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon
bouquets and picnic basket at remote woodsy wedding
wedding dress hanging on mossy forest boulder
bride fastening nude sandals at forest wedding
groom helping young son with boutonniere
young son peeking at his mother around boulder at forest wedding
bride appears for first look moment in middle of the woods
groom and son after seeing bride for first time
son holds wooden sign and mom's bridal bouquet
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bride and groom laugh as they cross bridge in the woods in Oregon
simple and remote Northwest forest ceremony with waterfall in background
bride and groom exchange vows in Columbia River Gorge, OR
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trail mix, fruit, and beefy jerky in picnic basket for snacks after remote wedding
bride pours champagne for toast before hike back through the woods
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bride and groom in front of Columbia River Gorge, OR
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