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Two brides hold hands as they walk with each other on the steps of a building.
Two brides embrace each other as they pose in front a city backdrop.
Two brides look curiously out of the windows of a modern city building.
Two brides stand at their wedding alter, surrounded by fabric and ribbons.

Two brides stand at their alter, wrapped in a cloth that holds them together.

Chinese paper lanterns fill the wedding ceremony as the brides hold hands.
The newlyweds share their first dance as their guests look on, smiling.
The brides share a dance with all of their guests and bridal party.
The two brides, one dressed in black and the other white, smile as they receive a toast.

The brides pose separately from each other in their wedding dresses.

Lisa and Elissa got married at the Artists for Humanity Epicenter in Boston, MA. What started off as a small wedding grew and became a true community event. They even had to switch their venue mid-planning because so many people wanted to come and celebrate!

Deciding to spice things up a little, one bride wore black while the other bride wore white. The day was filled with with Jewish traditions, from a stunning Chuppah with flower accents to the hora dance that had everyone laughing.
Photos: Ars Magna Photography
Catering:  Gourmet Caterers