The groom's tattooed knuckles show as he holds his bride's hands.
Details on a large wrought iron fence.
The bride's elegant, romantic wedding gown and red heels adorned with the couple's wedding rings.
The groom sits in his black tux and damask tie as the bride stands behind him.
The bride's red bouquet and the couple's red heels and sneakers.
The bride and groom hold hands and look at the bride's ring together.
The bride and groom hold hands as the bride looks over her shoulder.
The bride and groom make silly faces and embrace each other as they pose.
A half circle of white wedding chairs at the ceremony.
The bride poses with her bridesmaids in their black and white dresses.
The groom's tattooed knuckles.
The groom, his groomsmen and the ring bearer all pose in their black tuxes and damask ties.
The tattooed groom adjust his damask tie as he poses with his groomsmen.
The bride and groom pose with their wedding party in their black and white attire.
Red rose petals in a damask flower girl basket.
The bride walks arm in arm with her father as she holds her red bouquet.
The bride and groom stand together hand in hand at the end of the aisle.
The wedding reception room under red lights.
Dia de los Muertos cake topper and damask themed name cards and favors.
Black and white damask wedding cake with a Dia de los Muertos cake topper.
Black candle holders with red candles and crystal adornments.
The bride and groom's midsections with the bride's red bouquet and the groom's damask tie.
A damask votive wedding candle favor.
A tattooed groom and his bride share a laugh as his bride holds a drink.
A tattooed groom hugs his bride with a beer in his hand.