The couple share a kiss beside a bush of bright yellow flowers.

Get ready for gorgeousness! This elegant desert wedding by Hollye Schumacher is sure to help you get over the mid-week hump. Marney's stunning wedding gown alone is reason enough to take a peek at this event (but you should also stay for the sweet invites, beautiful succulents, British party crackers, and pink lemonade). Enjoy!

Green and white ranch themed wedding invitation.
Green, white, brown and red save the date wedding stationery.
Green and white ranch wedding invitations and program.
The bride's wedding dress hangs from a hanger.
The bride's wedding shoes alongside the couple's wedding rings.
The bride's white, green and purple wedding bouquet.
The bride reveals her traditional wedding shoe as she walks down the stairs.
The groom poses in his tailored grey suit and white and green boutonniere.
The bride and groom share a laugh with each other.
The couple pose alongside small cacti plants and purple and yellow flowers.
The couple share a kiss surrounded by cacti.
The bride wraps her arms around the groom's neck as she holds her bouquet.
The bride and groom pose with each other and hold hands by large yellow and green trees.
The bride poses in her wedding gown against a large red frame.
The bride and her bridesmaids share a laugh with each other.
The bride and her bridesmaids, dressed in bright coral dresses, hold their flowers.
The bride smiles and poses with her bridesmaids as they hold their bouquets.
The groom and his groomsmen pose in their tailored grey suits.
The couple pose with their wedding party in a field of cacti and flowers.
A wedding poster at the ceremony venue.
The wedding ceremony venue, complete with bamboo chairs and hanging stars from the ceiling.
A rustic floral decoration sits on the side of a bamboo wedding chair.
Small blue wedding bell favors for guests to ring after the ceremony.
A guest holds wedding favors in small wooden basket alongside colorful flowers and decor.
The wedding program printed on a tan fan alongside an emerald green favor.
Colorful floral boutonnieres.
Wedding guests walk down a path lined with orange candle holders.
Rustic, earthy spheres of branches adorned with colorful flowers.
The bride smiles and poses with her parents.
The groom walks down the aisle under a circle of bright stars.
The bride is walked down the aisle by her father.
The bridesmaids in their pink gowns and purple shawls holding their colorful bouquets.
The couple raise their arms in the air as their wedding party cheers.
The couple walk down the aisle arm in arm as guests look on.
The couple share a kiss with each other by a field of wheat.
A small earthy centerpiece with green and purple flowers in a rustic box.
Reception guest name cards on tags hanging from a clothes line with a clothespin.
A wedding favor wrapped in tan cloth and adorned with a single leaf.
Floral centerpieces adorned with guests' last names and tea light candles.
Mini lemon tarts resting on a tray on a dessert table.
Mint lemonade and green and white striped candy in a jar.
Flour sack gift bags resting outside of and inside a wooden basket.
Wedding reception decor and beverages.
Wedding favors wrapped in brown fabric with a green and white label.
The bride and groom feed each other a piece of their wedding cake.
Simple, ivory wedding cake adorned with purple and green flowers.
The couple share a kiss in front of their ivory wedding cake adorned with flowers.
A classic red double decker bus sits outside of the venue.
The bride and groom share their first dance with each other in front of their guests.
The couple share a kiss by trees wrapped in bright yellow lights.

I'd love to hear about any specific details...

A product designer by training, I dove head first into making kraft crafts.  Guests RSVP'd “will be there with bells on”, and rang in the new couple with white bells tied with twine and kraft tags as they left the ceremony.  During the dinner toasts, guests “snapped to celebrate” handmade wedding crackers (I spent a few childhood years in England and just had to incorporate the British Christmas tradition into the wedding!  I enlisted the help of my parents to wrap 175 toilet paper rolls with kraft, stuff with goodies - including bad jokes and colorful paper hats, of course, and tie the ends with twine).  Guests joined in the family’s tradition of singing Happy Trails as they grabbed muslin favor bags filled with trail mix (a family recipe) and hand-stamped with a custom “Happy Trails” graphic, while the thrilled couple skipped off down a desert pathway lit with luminarias.

Did your wedding location hold a specific significance to you?

Yes! When I called my parents to tell them about our engagement, my mom said, "Shall I call the garden?" We knew from the get-go that we wanted to celebrate under the stars at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. My parents are very involved with the organization, and we've been fortunate to host other family celebrations among the blooming cacti. We couldn't have imagined the day occurring anywhere else.

What was the most meaningful part of your day?

Where, oh, where to start? We both loved so many moments of the day: spending the morning in anticipation with our friends and family, seeing each other for the first time, our vows... But our first dance was a clear winner. We worked with a fabulous choreographer and a happy tune, “Home is Wherever I'm with You” by Edward Sharpe, and as we twirled and giggled, our guests circled round and clapped in unison to the tune. It was the perfect kick-off to the celebrations that ensued.

Did anything funny or out of the ordinary happen?

We had a photobooth outside and I was snapping silly pictures with a group of friends. Booth came around the corner driving my 95 year old grandfather's motorized scooter - holding a beer. He zoomed right up to the booth and joined us for some pictures (scooter included). I then jumped on his lap and we cruised around the party greeting guests, slapping high fives, and twirling on the dance floor. It was hilarious!

Tell us details of the events surrounding the wedding as well.

We had a lot of out of town guests, and wanted to spend as much time with them all as possible. On Friday evening, Booth's parents hosted a fun-filled "Welcome Roundup" at the Valley Field Riding and Polo Club, an historic private ranch with fire pits and exposed wooden ceiling beams. After cocktails and dinner, we roasted marshmallows and heard touching toasts from our friends and family. It was the perfect event to kick off the weekend with all of our guests - who arrived by double-decker bus! Sunday, my parents hosted a farewell brunch at their house, where everyone lounged on blankets on the lawn and reminisced about the evening's festivities. Sunday was the saving grace to the wedding ending - I would never have been ready to say goodbye to everyone on Saturday night!

Any advice you'd give new brides who are just getting started?

Know it won't all go as planned - whether it's the weather, making the rounds to all your tables, or snapping a candid with your grandfather - but it will most likely be the best darn day of your life. Just relax, be present, and enjoy your guests and each other.  It goes so fast, it's not worth fretting about anything once the event begins!


Photography: Hollye Schumacher Photography
Venue: Desert Botanical Garden
Dress: Monique Lhuillier
Groomsmen's Attire: Macy's
Catering: Santa Barbara Catering
Event Planning: Victoria Canada Events
Flowers: Petal Pusher
Band: The Walkens
Videographer: Bright Bokeh

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