The bride and groom smile and hold each other's hands as they walk down brick steps.

Mary and Matt seem like the kind of couple that would just be super fun to hang out with. If you don't believe me, check out Mary's hilariously quirky thoughts on her wedding below. Their South Carolina event is simple and very pretty. I love the mismatched bridesmaid dresses and sweet wooden cake topper! A big thank you to Paige Winn for being so kind to share this with us!

Blue, white and yellow bird-themed wedding program on a small fan.
Small personalized circles inside of the couple's wedding rings.
The bride holds her white, yellow and green bouquet alongside her tan wedding shoes.
Close up view of the buttoning on the back of the bride's dress.
The bride poses in her birdcage veil adorned with a large white flower.
The bride poses with her bridal party outside in their grey and silver dresses.
The bride's white, yellow and green bouquet as she poses on the brick steps.
The groom's large yellow and green wedding boutonniere.
The groom poses with his groomsmen out by the trees and on the brick steps.
The groom poses on the brick steps in front of the wedding venue.
View of the wedding ceremony and the wedding altar.
Yellow, green and white flowers adorn the back of a chair at the ceremony.
The bride is walked down a flight of stairs by a relative dressed in a grey tuxedo.
The bride is walked to the altar by a relative.
The bride and groom hold hands with each other at the altar in front of their guests.
The bride and groom raise their arms in the air as they stand at the altar.
The bride and groom walk arm in arm down the aisle as guests look on.
The couple share a kiss and embrace by a tree in the forest.
The couple pose with the wedding party and the bride poses with the groomsmen.
The couple and their wedding party all pose together on a dirt path by the trees.
The couple embrace each other as they stand on a dirt path by the trees.
The bride and groom each hold golf balls up to their eyes as they pose.
The bride and groom pose with their wedding party.
The couple embrace each other on the brick steps in front of the venue.
The couple embrace each other and pose on the brick steps in front of the venue.
A wedding poster adorned with white, yellow and blue hearts and the couple's names.
Tall drink glasses adorned with flying birds alongside a large yellow and green floral centerpiece.
Yellow and green bird cage themed candle holders.
Bouquet of flowers and leaves used for aromatherapy.
A candle is housed in a vintage black candle holder surrounded by green leaves.
White and blue paper wheels attached to wooden baskets holding cloth bags and favors.
A cloth bag with a blue print of a couple on a bike and a blue foam wedding favor.
The cake topper featuring two wooden love birds and the couple's initials.
Ivory wedding cake adorned with several dots and patterns and topped with two wooden birds.
The couple share a toast with their guests in front of their ivory wedding cake topped with two birds.
The couple cut into their ivory wedding cake adorned with two brown birds.
The couple share an intimate first dance in front of guests at the reception.
The couple share a kiss as they hold a cloth with a blue print of a couple riding a bike.

Did you make any DIY projects?
Making the arbor was pretty crafty of me, if I do say so myself, just a little engineering, ribbons, fans and voila! I really wanted to have a back drop that provided a little focal point for us and would look pretty flowing in the wind (or "innnn daaa wheennddd" to quote Jodie Foster in "Nell").

Did your wedding location hold a specific significance to you?
It's here in my hometown and the fact that it was overlooking the golf course would have really made my dad happy.

What was the most meaningful part of your day?
Getting to see Matt for the first time that day when I walked down the aisle and knowing that it was really happening! And also that my father's twin brother preformed the ceremony and my dad was included in the wedding to the point that people who never met him told me how moved they were hearing stories about him.

Did anything funny or out of the ordinary happen?
Apparently the arbor I built toppled over before the ceremony, but no one mentioned it to me until it was all over, thank goodness!
How did you know your partner was "the one"?
He told me to incorporate something from "The Matrix" when answering this question. Enough said.

Any advice you'd give new brides who are just getting started?
Get a good photographer and vendors that know what they are doing! They will make your day so much easier because there is no time to think the day of. Remember that you are paying them to take care of things, so let them do it. Remember, you get what you pay for!
Photographer: Paige Winn
Venue: The Members Club at Woodcreek
Dress: J. Crew 
Shoes: Badgley Mischka
Accessories: bracelet: J. Crew, wedding bands: Unforgettable Jewelry, veil: Stein Mart  
Groom's Attire: J. Crew
Catering: The Members Club at Woodcreek
Event Planning: Katie McDougall 
Flowers: Bonnie Iseman
DJ: Mateo Jones
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