You know how everywhere you turn right now, there is some type of top 5 or top 10 list? I'm obsessed with them. I can't stop (is there a 12 step program for this?). And so, please pardon me if I tell you the top 5 things I love about Mike and Nicole's wedding by the super awesome Brookelyn Photography:

1. The flowers. I mean, they are ah-mazing. From the bouquets to the centerpieces, I am just in awe.

2. The mason jar goblets. They are my new favorite thing. And I want them. Badly.

3. The bridesmaid dresses. I love gray. And the style was universally flattering. Way to go, Nicole!

4. The wreaths adorning the end of each pew. Love, love, love, love this. A lot.

5. The signage. Everything was super cute, witty, and stylish.

I encourage everyone to make their own top 5 list, because there are TONS o' details to admire here!

The bride's white hoodie adorned with her new last name and the wedding date.
The couple's wedding rings resting on a table.
The bride's cowboy boots and colorful wedding bouquet.
Mason jar themed wedding programs resting inside of a wooden basket.
Two small dogs dressed in black and white tuxedos.
The bride's simple, classic dress hangs from a hanger as the bridesmaids help her get ready.
A bridesmaid assists the bride with her wedding shoes as she prepares for the ceremony.
The bride smiles as she looks through a window on her big day.
The bride smiles and poses with her family as they hold their bouquets.
The bride poses with her bridal party, all dressed in long grey dresses.
The bride smiles and poses with her bridesmaids as they hold their bouquets.
The bridesmaids' colorful wedding bouquet of orange, pink and yellow flowers.
The bridesmaids' grey peep toe shoes adorned with a large grey bow.
The groom and his groomsmen pose outside of the church in their black tuxedos.
The groom's rustic wedding boutonniere featuring a large white flower and leaves.
A groomsmen's rustic, colorful wedding boutonniere featuring leaves and an orange flower.
The bridesmaids all walk together into the church wedding venue.
The bridesmaids and groom along with his groomsmen stand at the altar.
A white floral wreath adorned with a tan cloth bow hangs from the end of a church pew.
The bridesmaids, dressed in their grey dresses, hold their colorful wedding bouquets.
The two share a laugh as they hold hands together at the altar.
Close up of the couple holding hands at the wedding altar.
The couple share a laugh as they sit together at the wedding altar.
The newlyweds walk down the aisle holding hands as guests cheer and applaud.
The couple share a kiss as they hold a red ampersand sign between them.
The bride and groom hold hands as they stand on a balcony by the beach and water.
The couple share a secret kiss behind the bride's colorful wedding bouquet.
The wedding party all hold hands with each other in their grey dresses and black tuxedos.
The bride and groom pose outside with their wedding party as the groomsmen jump in the air.
Large, whimsical floral centerpieces adorn the wedding reception tables.
Large floral centerpieces adorn the reception tables, alongside decorative mason jars.
A large, colorful rustic floral centerpiece adorns a table at the wedding reception.
Simple, rustic wedding place setting.
Rustic, earthy reception guest name cards and candles resting inside of glass mason jars.
A personalized wedding poster from the bride and groom for their guests.
Comical wedding poster and colorful wedding guestbook.
Southern themed wedding invitations and stationery.
The groom reveals his striped socks while the bride reveals her cowboy boots.
A small comical wedding poster surrounded by drinks and tea light candles.
The dimly lit wedding reception filled with candles and soft lights.
The bride is lifted off of her feet on the dance floor by her father.
Blue mason jars surrounded by glasses and tea light candles at the couple's ruffly head table.
The bride and groom share a laugh as they listen to a toast from one of their guests.
A glass mason jar goblet filled with a drink at the wedding reception.
The couple's cream and gold wedding adorned with black and white flowers.
A rustic wedding poster nestled among the wedding favors.
Rustic, earthy wedding favors wrapped in orange ribbon.
A white floral headpiece adorns the bride's hair as she laughs at the wedding reception.
The groomsmen's colorful striped socks.
The couple celebrate among their guests at the wedding reception.

I'd love to hear about any specific details, your vision for the day, any DIY projects you did herself or have special meaning....


Mike and I both have a love of the South. The most memorable trip we ever took together was a road trip to Nashville for a country music festival.  Southern elements and inspiration from country songs definitely played a big role in our inspiration for the day. From mason jar luminaries referencing Miranda Lambert's "Me & Charlie Talkin'" to our rustic venue's exposed beams (which reminded me of an old barn), to our stationery inspired by Nashville's famous Hatch Show Print.  I feel like we had at least a hand in making everything and every part of our day reflect us as people in some way. Mike designed all of the stationery while I painted the table numbers, sewed the runners and drew up designs for all of the florals (I gave the florist a 15 page booklet of inspiration & drawings which they nicknamed "the bible"). The whole wedding was really like a two year long DIY project & I loved every second of it!

Did your wedding location hold a specific significance to you?


One of Mike and my favorite things to do is to hop in the car on a nice day and drive out to the east end of Long Island.  The scenery out there is as if you've driven south instead of east.  We love the country atmosphere of the North Fork and knew we wanted a venue that reflected that on our wedding day, without the price tag that comes with actually getting married on the North Fork.  Long Island is full of cookie cutter catering halls.  We knew that was one thing that we did not want! When we found The Old Field Club we immediately fell in love with it; it has just the right amount of rustic charm!

What was the most meaningful part of your day?


Mike is a web designer, so I wasn't surprised when my card was presented to me on my iPad, in the form of a website. It was so sweet in such a creative way and reminded me not to get caught up in all of the wedding day details that I painstakingly planned for the two years prior, but to enjoy the day where I get to marry my favorite person in the world.

Did anything funny or out of the ordinary happen?


For the entirety of our engagement I teased Mike (who is notorious for mumbling and jumbling up his words) that he would mix up his vows. When the time came, it ended up being me who jumbled up the vows. I cracked up right there on the altar of this beautiful and very traditional church. The moment was very indicative of our relationship.  We are constantly laughing at each other and ourselves.  One of my favorite photos from the day is of this moment.

Tell us details of the events surrounding the wedding.


My mom, sister, and best friend planned me a beautiful and intimate shower at a local wine bar called Barrique.  I didn't want a traditional shower, and what they gave me was so unique. They printed photos of us through the years and used clothespins to attach them to twine around the room and had the guests sign fabric squares with advice for Mike and me.  They were all then sewn into a quilt by my maid of honor and her mother. It really was lovely.

How did you know your partner was "the one"?

I had to have had an inkling before this, but we spent 20 hours in the car together on the way to Tennessee.  I knew if we could be happy stuck in the car together, tired and cranky, then we had to be meant to be. He must have felt the same, he proposed a month later!

Any advice you'd give new brides who are just getting started?

Make it your own!  Your day should be all about you and your partner and your guests should feel like insiders into your own little world. Don't plan an "insert bride & groom here" kind of wedding, make it personal!



Photographer: Brookelyn Photography

Venue: The Old Field Club

Dress: Melissa Sweet

Shoes: Paris Hilton, Senorita

Accessories: Veil; Priscilla of Boston, Necklace; Cara Accessories from Nordstrom.

Groom & Groomsmen's Attire: Formal Knight Tuxedo

Flowers: Flowers by Burton

DJ: Long Island Sound

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