So, every year there are weddings that just stick with me. Memorable photos, cool locations, great details--some weddings just end up being my favorites. And this year, I thought I would share my favorites with you, so that you can revisit them with me. They are all so different, each one having their own personality. And so, in no particular order...


How cool are Rachel and Dylan? I love this wedding by Sergio Photography because this couple is staying true to exactly who they are, and they are looking great doing it.


Deborah and Jeff's wedding by Embrace Life Photography perfectly represents understated elegance. Between her awesome dress and his uniform they both looked amazing.


I love a wedding with lots of vintage details and Katie and Matt's wedding didn't disappoint. One Love Photo did a fantastic job of capturing this very romantically casual and heartfelt event.


Brittany and John's wedding  from Asgari Photography proves that traditional never goes out of style. Their rooftop reception was absolutely stunning, and each detail really showed off their fun personalities.


And last, but certainly not least, is Megan and Matt'sterrific backyard wedding by Jen Stewart Photography. This wedding balances homespun and laid-back while still maintaining a cohesive look. All the details are awesome!

So, there they are. Please take a look at each one of them and share how much you love them at the bottom of each post. Happy New Year!