Jennifer & Brian's Surprise Wedding by Jonathan & Kaye Photography

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This cute couple had planned a quickie city hall ceremony, but the bride decided to surprise her groom with a sweet little event instead. With a small porch reception and a food truck nosh, this Georgia wedding definitely charmed us all!

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Marlene & Bobby's Modern Wedding by Erin Johnson Photography

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This terrific event is filled with so many clever details, they are nearly impossible to count.  From the infographic-inspired cake that tells their love story to the political campaign table numbers, this wedding embodies creativity and style.

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erin johnson

Lauren & Rudy's Fiesta Wedding by Limelife Photography

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In a summer dominated by fiesta details like papel picado garland and tequila favors, this wedding stood out from all the rest. We loved Lauren and Rudy's thoughtful touches like a mariachi band, celebratory cannon fire, and technicolor decorations.

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Paul & Marc's Icelandic Wedding by Photos by Miss Ann

miss ann

There are a lot of reasons to love this wedding, such as the exceptional photography and dashing grooms. But our top reason? Total destination envy.  Hosted in Iceland, this event had plenty of moody romance, guests in fantastic winter wear, and, oh yeah, it was all set in a cave.

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Anna & Simon's Vineyard Wedding by Viera Photographics


Anna and Simon's event demonstrates that you can have a modern wedding while still adhering to meaningful traditions. Viera Photographics captured an afternoon of lighthearted merriment and tender moments, such as the wedding tea ceremony and patio reception.

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