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Nighttime Glitter

And swoon! This winter wedding photo is magical. The way snow photographs at night makes it look like glitter, which can be extra romantic.

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A Cozy Ceremony

This partially-covered ceremony looks rustic and charming with the snowscape background! A few space heaters and cozy blankets can make nuptials like this one warm and intimate for your guests.

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A Touch of Winter Fashion

A winter wedding means fuzzy faux fur, cozy wraps, and chic velvet. The clothing options for a winter wedding allow you to play with prints and textures while keeping your favorite girls warm. We love the wraps this party is wearing.

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The Sweetest Details

Your cake can capture all the romance of winter with a few natural details. This woodland cake with berries, evergreens, and pine cones exudes all the charming vibes we love about winter weddings.

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A Little Bit Breathtaking

This couple's photo is breathtaking and intimate all wrapped into one. If you have a favorite spot as a couple, there's nothing like a little snow to make it all the more captivating in photos.

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A Dusting of Magic

Snow is nature's best prop! Having it as the focal point of some of your photos can give you some creative and memorable shots. This bride looks like she's having so much fun.

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A Cool Looking Groom

The cool winter season opens up lots of suave style options for your groom. Plaid, wool, velvet, and sweaters are all great options to give the groom a uniquely seasonal look.

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A Dusting of Dashing

This photo captures all the whimsy and enchantment of a winter wonderland, which is something only a dusting of snow can create!

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Flurry Moments

This bride makes something as simple as getting out the car look stunning. Action shots of simple memories on your wedding day make for great keepsake photos.

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A Horseback Ride

There's nothing quite as romantic as a horseback ride. Well, except for a snowy horseback ride in your wedding dress!

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Snowy Destination

Location, location, location! Having your wedding in a barn, cabin, or on the slopes can capture all the fun winter has to offer. We love this snowy barn wedding.