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Cross My Heart

This photo is so intimate and romantic. We love how this bride got to show off the detailing on her dress and her engagement ring all in one.

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Lush Greenry

We'd say that the biggest floral trend for weddings is having no florals at all. There's nothing like a little greenery to take the elegance factor up a notch. Show off your engagement ring while looking lush and lavish.

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Nature Shot

There's something so enchanting about this photo. It just might be the striking detail of leaves in the foreground, but we're feeling these woodsy wedding vibes.

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Bride Holding Engagement Ring
Photo: Kurtz Orpia

To Have & To Hold

And swoon! This ring exudes style. You'll likely have plenty of photos with their engagement rings on, so mix it up by holding your ring to add a unique shot to your album.

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Arm in arm engagement ring photo
Photo: The Grovers

Sweet Moments

You want to capture it all on your big day and that's why we love how the ring, dress, bouquet, and suit can all be shown off in a snapshot like this!

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Sentimental Spot

Add something sentimental to the solo shots of your ring. We love how the charming post stamp displays the location of this wedding.

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Floral-Filled Enagement Rings Photo
Photo: Julie Paisley


Want to show off your floral arrangements and the ring? We think this couple might have nailed it. Up close shots of engagement rings in the bouquet can be stunning and feminine.

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Glitz & Glamour

If your wedding is one with a little extra sparkle, try a shot with sequins or metallic fabrics. This will really capture the charm and shine of your big day.

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Stunning Simplicity

A photo as simple yet intimate as this one is something you'll treasure for a lifetime. Have your photographer go somewhere where light is streaming in to create a warm moment.

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Nupituals Engagement Ring Photo
Photo: Greg Finck

"I Do"

A shot of your nuptials might be the most important moment to capture in the day. Seizing a photo of the rings during the ceremony can be oh-so-romantic.

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Pretty Prints

Putting a printed cloth down and photographing engagement rings on it is a simple detail that adds a lot of character to your photo. We love how this cloth is bunched up to add a touch of movement.

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Run Away with Me

We're swept away by this one! This bride holding her dress while showing off her bauble is simply striking.

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Dressed the Part

This shot is fiercely feminine with a personal touch. Placing your engagement ring on your dress adds such a sweet touch to your photos. This bride took it up a notch by adding her name in stunning calligraphy.

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At First Glance

Bring on the tears! This couple took a photo of the ring right after their first glance. It's such a cherished moment and the picture captures all the emotion.

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Lovely Lace

Playing with different fabrics and prints to place your engagement ring on can lead to some stunning shots. We just can't help but gush over this lovely lace image. It exudes elegance and grace.