The bride and groom embrace as they stand on a gorgeous, sprawling estate.

Remember that engagement session with the awesome pink couch from a couple of weeks ago? Here's the wedding! Tirza and Brady were hitched this summer at a stunning retreat center and Dawn Sparks was there to capture it in all of its beautiful glory. Tirza shares her tips and vendors below and how to have the wedding of your dreams without breaking your piggy bank wide open.

The bride holds a small poster featuring a drawing of her and the groom on a pink couch.
The bride's dress hangs by a window alongside her pink, ruffly wedding shoes.
The bride is assisted with her dress by her bridesmaids, who are all wearing tank tops.
The bride poses in her gown, accented with a floral headpiece and veil, in front of an iron gate.
The bridesmaids, dressed in black dresses, pose together on a balcony.
A view of the yellow and multi-textured stone buildings of the estate.
The groom poses in his tuxedo, accented by a white napkin and matching tie.
The groom and his groomsmen all pose together in their black tuxedos.
The groom and groomsmen walk across the open fields to the ceremony.
The groom and his groomsmen all pose in their tuxedos in an open field of grass.
The bride poses with her bouquet and shares a dance with her groom in an open road.
The bride poses in her ruffly grown and floral bouquet in an open field of grass.
The bride smiles as she holds her bouquet in an open field of grass.
The couple walk arm in arm and embrace each other in the fields of grass.
The bride smiles as she poses with her bridesmaids and the flower girl.
The entire wedding party all pose together in an open field of grass by the mountains.
The flower girls, dressed in a cream and ivory gown, holds her basket of flower petals.
The bride, her bridesmaids and the flower girl all pose together on a grassy hill.
The bride and groom share a kiss by a stone building surrounded by trees.
A view of the venue from behind the gates of an iron fence of a stone building.
A view of a window surrounded by wooden shutters and small planted flowers in a stone building.
A small water fountain sits in the middle of a path lined by trees by surrounding buildings.
The bride is walked down a flight of steps by her father, dressed in a black tuxedo.
The bride and her father make their way to the wedding altar arm in arm.
The bride and groom stand arm in arm together as she holds her gown and bouquet.
The couple smile together as they stand arm in arm with each other.
The bride holds her gown and bouquet as she makes her way to the reception.
The wedding reception, including hanging string lights and white tables and chairs.
Pink, green and white floral centerpieces accompanied by a "reserved" paper scroll with pink ribbons.
Pink, white and green floral centerpieces, along with silver and black tableware and posters.
The wedding table for the newlyweds, including two small posters for the Mr. and Mrs.
The newlyweds share an intimate moment as the bride holds her floral bouquet.
The couple share an intimate first dance under the night sky and string lights.
The couple and their wedding guests dance the night away under string lights and the night sky.

Did your wedding location hold a specific significance to you?

We chose our venue because it had a rustic Italian feel. It had just the right amount of elegance and yet it felt laid back at the same time-my husband, Brady, and I just loved it!

What was the most meaningful part of your day?

Besides being surrounded by friends and family, I would have to say it was the ceremony. Our pastor did an amazing job of incorporating personal stories and yet making it very God-centered (something that was very important to us). From all our siblings in the wedding party, to Brady's dad praying over us while we took communion, to my little brother reading a favorite poem, it was the perfect ceremony for us!

Tell us about the morning of the wedding!

The girls and I woke up the morning of the wedding (well they did...I'm pretty sure I was too anxious to sleep!). We ate breakfast at home then left to get our hair done. After our hair appointment we got a wonderful lunch (with champagne courtesy of the server!) We then did what every girl loves-got our makeup done! Then we made our way over to the venue to get the party started!  Meanwhile, Brady slept in, hung out with the guys and went to the venue (a little more relaxed than my day!)

How did you know your partner was "the one"?

Brady is the hardest person not to love. I knew he was the one by the way he pursued, loved and respected me. We fell in love  shortly after we started dating and our love has definitely grown into something beautiful! (his looks helped a lot too ;) )

Any advice you'd give new brides who are just getting started?

First of all...ENJOY and take in every minute of it! Before you know it, it is all over-so relax and have fun! Secondly, it can be done on a budget! Don't empty your bank account on one day! Also, get a great photographer like Dawn-because at the end of the day all you have are your memories and pictures!


Photographer: Dawn Sparks

Venue: The Retreat at Solterra

Dress: David's Bridal


Groom's Attire:Men's Warehouse

Groomsmen's Attire:Men's Warehouse

Flowers: Sam's Club!

DJ: David Smith


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