rock n roll themed wedding invitation suite

Above, this fantastic invitation suite belongs to a bold and colorful rock 'n roll wedding. With concert ticket-themed save the dates and backstage pass cards, this wedding was definitely the biggest show in town!

Below, this slightly moody vintage wedding had amazing details throughout. But the best?  Tarot card table numbers. Especially when paired with soft, lush floral arrangements and mercury glass votives, it was a darkly elegant touch.

tarot card table numbers with soft floral centerpieces

Mint bridesmaid dresses were so popular this year, but not so overused that we can't expect to see plenty of them in 2015 (yay!).  This simple v-neck dress was lovely and light, and complemented the dahlia bouquets so well.

mint bridesmaid dress with dahlia bouquet

Okay, it helps that the bride with this flawless makeup is absolutely stunning. Seriously, model much?  But her makeup is completely on-point for a wedding with a liquid-lined eye and pinkish nude lip.  And don't even get me started on her brows.

bridal makeup with lliquid liner on eyes and nude lip

Even if you cried at "Up" only half as much as I did, you'll find it hard not to love, love, love this boutonniere. Succulents affixed with a grape soda bottle cap pin, this is how you make an animated movie homage stay sophisticated and modern.

succulent boutonniere with soda bottle cap pinn inspired by movie "Up"

If you have a large bridal party, why cram everyone into limos? Dresses get wrinkled, people get crabby. It's just not much fun. This creative couple rented a double decker bus which gave everyone plenty of room--and allowed for a quick pre-reception snuggle.

bride and groom relax on double decker bus

With a season dominated by metallics, of course these last three details would be all about the power of gold and sparkle.  This sweetheart table below features a loveseat so the couple doesn't have to leave each other's side, even to sit down!

sweetheart table for bride and groom with loveseat

Ring warming is a ritual that's really starting to grow in popularity. The rings are left out at a table as guests enter the ceremony venue. Each guest takes the couples' rings into their hands and wishes, prays, or thinks happy thoughts for their new life together.  It's just such a meaningful element, and this signage and the lucky wishbone ring bowl are perfect accompaniments.

signage for ring warming ritual

Last but not least, I'm pretty sure I've dreamed about this gold sequined shrug at least ten times since we received this real wedding. It's chic, flattering, and adds to the dress' style rather than distract from it. Couldn't love this more.

bride with gold sequined shrug over wedding dress