This summer we were beyond pleased to be able to feature so any gorgeous real weddings! Here are my top 5 bridal looks (in no particular order):


Charlotte's 1920s glam look stood out for its originality and drama! I love the art deco-inspired gown. Her hair and perfectly cherry lips perfectly complement the look.


Christy's dress proves that just because you are having a tiny wedding, doesn't mean you can't go all-out. Her gown was lovely (especially the bow in the back).


What do you wear when you are getting married in the woods? Sally shows us the value of understated simplicity when having a rustic wedding.


Allison's look is whimsical, retro, and super fun. From the princess skirt to the strands of pearls, she was all about showcasing her youthful beauty!


The lacy gorgeousness of Amelia's dress couldn't even be ruined by a rainy day. Amelia's look is classic vintage with a neckline to die for!