Well, the wedding question of the year has been answered - what will Kate wear? - and, personally, I don't think she could have pulled it off better. Designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen (I had a feeling!) it was elegant, modest and totally modern. It felt a bit like Princess Grace came together with a touch of Nicole Richie to create a dress worthy of a princess. Why do I have a feeling we're going to be seeing longer lace sleeves a lot in this upcoming season?


And her classic simplicity extended to her accessories as well. I love that she opted for a shorter veil so we could still see the back of her dress. And, I've got to think there is a real temptation to go whole hog and wear every royal jewel in the palace. Instead, she manages to make a tiara look regal yet stylish while sticking with just the tear drop earrings means her dress was able to keep center stage.

Britain Royal Wedding

And the train! You knew she had to have one for that dramatic walk down the aisle. I love though that rather than go lace-happy, she opted for a layered look - it was fresh while still keeping the simplicity of the lines.

With a (very) small wedding party there was a lot of pressure on Pippa's dress as well. I like the cowl neck and lace detailing and actually from afar it has a similar feel to some of Sophie Cranston's designs that Kate was rumored to perhaps be wearing. I'm wondering, too, if this means that we'll seeing wedding parties wearing all-white? It's a very elegant look...


And, of course, there were the guests! I have a bit of an obsession with Vicky B as I like to call her (I was probably the only person in the US who watched her reality TV show) and she didn't let me down. Wearing one of the hot colors of the season - navy - she was elegant yet still ridiculously fashionable. I only wish American weddings would embrace the hat!

And the tails were out. The guys went all-out with vests, ties and tails and, I for one, am all for it. If your wedding is very classic, I think there is nothing more handsome than a groom in very formal wear.

Did you all have a chance to watch the festivities? What do you think? Will these trends stay in the UK or make the hop over the pond?

And, be sure to check back this afternoon when Rock My Wedding stops by and shares what real British brides are wearing...

All images via Royal Wedding at AOL.