The first thing that stands out about Xian and Sam's wedding is their smiles; this is a couple who looks like they are having a good time (I mean, they give each other high-fives after exchanging rings - how can you not love that?).

And then you notice the colors (captured beautifully by The Collection), which give the day a fresh modern feel - the bright red of the bouquets against the bridesmaids' teal dresses and the browns paired with the teal again of the table settings. And then there are the little details - the fact the wedding was held at an observatory, the ring bearers' suitcases, the individually crafted terrariums on each table, the groomsmen's large, gold belt buckles...Oh, and their cake table where they have little replicas of themselves on their cake!

The result? A classic yet totally modern wedding that is filled with fun and love, don't you agree?

The bride and groom smile and pose with each other as they sit on a rock by the trees.
The bride smiles as her make up is being applied for her wedding day.
The bride's wedding dress hangs in the window alongside her metallic wedding shoes.
A red, floral hair piece alongside a vintage patchwork quilt and floral aisle decor.
The bride is zipped into her vintage lace wedding dress by her bridesmaids.
The bride poses in her vintage lace wedding dress as she holds her floral bouquet.
Red roses, berries and green leaves rest inside rustic, metal buckets on a table.
The bride and groom embrace as she holds her bouquet of red flowers and berries.
The bride and groom sit and smile with each other, revealing their wedding shoes.
The bride and groom blow a kiss as they stand together by a tree in a forest by rocks.
The couple share a laugh as they embrace in a forest of trees and sunlight.
The couple laugh as they embrace standing, and also sitting in a forest of trees and petals.
The groom and his groomsmen, all wearing blue ties, pose together in the forest.
The bride and her bridesmaids, dressed in blue dresses, all laugh and pose together.
The unique wedding location, an observatory, along with images of various constellations.
Wooden chairs line the lawn of the observatory outdoors by a forest of trees.
Guests at the wedding ceremony look, including the groom's parents.
The bride is walked down the aisle by her mother and father as she holds her bouquet.
The two ring bearers walk down the aisle wearing blue suspenders and holding a brown suitcase.
The bride and groom embrace and share a kiss and a high five during their ceremony.
The bride and groom stand together at the altar of their outdoor wedding as guests look on.
The bride smiles during her ceremony surrounded by her bridesmaids in their blue gowns.
The newlyweds walk down the aisle hand in hand as guests watch them leave.
The outdoor wedding reception, including aqua blue table clothes and vintage centerpieces.
Traditional silverware adorns the reception tables as well as wedding favors and centerpieces.
The wedding reception centerpieces, including green eco-friendly terrariums.
Table setting cards, written in blue calligraphy, resting on the reception tables.
The wedding reception table decor, including terrarium centerpieces and blue table clothes.
The bride and groom share their first dance together in front of guests under string lights.
The wedding reception cake, including figurines of the bride and groom and various stickers.
President Obama themed napkins and papers rest alongside the reception cake.
The bride and groom smile as they sit at the head table together.
The wedding guests all share a toast with their glasses at the wedding reception.
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