Stuck in a butter dish and coffeemaker rut on your Crate and Barrel registry? There are plenty of things you can add to your registry that aren't on the typical registry list.

Don't forget the furniture. Granted, few people are going to buy you a sofa, but putting a couple of pieces of furniture on your list is just fine. Keep some items smaller like a side table. Maybe you have a grandparent who wants to splurge on a bar cabinet or comfy ottoman. Adding furniture will also give a sense of your style to your other guests.

Incorporate your hobbies. If you both live outside on the patio, register for things like gardening shears and a barbeque grill. Love to cook? Don't just register for a mixer; also throw a cookbook or two that you have been drooling over.

Decor doesn't stop at candleholders. Register for decor details to brighten up your new home, such as prints to hang on your walls or the perfect reading lamp.

With Crate and Barrel's completion program, you can also get 10% off your purchases for up to six months after your event. Go to Crate and Barrel's registry page to find more non-traditional items to your registry!


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