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Mini Midnight Bells

Make some cheerful noise at midnight with these mini bells. These cuties also serve as a festive alternative to glass clinking to get you to kiss!

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Popping Bubbly

There's no single sound to better represent New Year's Eve than the satisfying pop of a champagne bottle. Give your guests the gift of mini bubbly bottles and you'll hear the celebratory pops all evening long!

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DIY Confetti Poppers

Rice, sparklers and flower petals have their place at certain wedding send-offs, but for a New Year's Eve celebration, only confetti will do. These cute poppers will send confetti flying in all directions (and hearts soaring!) as you say good-bye to your friends and family after the clock strikes midnight.

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pink NYE headband
Photo: Sarah Hearts

NYE Headbands

Grab your bridesmaids for an evening of DIYing NYE headbands a week before the wedding. You can customize the colors and style, making some more masculine and others super sweet so guests can choose their perfect celebratory crown.

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Bubbly Lip Balm

These prosecco and champagne scented lip balms are just what your guests are going to need once the clock strikes midnight. Pucker up!

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Metallic Noisemakers

Noisemakers are a must-have at any New Year's Eve celebration, but we dig this metallic version for a more sophisticated alternative to the traditional crazy colors.

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resolution maker at NYE wedding
Photo: Lia Griffith

Resolution Maker

If you're not into noisemakers, why not have a resolution station where your guests can make their resolutions for the new year? This is a great alternative to a traditional favor if you're looking to cut down on excess (and cost) while still making your guests feel special.

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Glitter Dipped Fortune Cookies

Customize a batch of fortune cookies, dip them in edible glitter, and watch your wedding guests gush over the fun, silly or romantic sayings you've given them. A little sugar rush at the end of the night isn't so bad either.

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metallic party hats
Photo: HGTV

Party Hats

Set up a table of metallic party hats near the dance floor and wait for the Instagram hashtags to roll in. No one can resist the allure of a blinged out head piece after a glass of champagne on New Year's!

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Paper Poppers

Fill these customizable paper poppers with confetti in your wedding colors or keep it classy by going all gold. Either way, these traditional poppers are fun to put together and even more fun to rip in two!