best man checklist

While giving a great speech and planning the bachelor party are generally the first things associated with a best man’s responsibilities, there’s more to this role than toasts alone.  It’s true that those things are important, but there are even more ways you can help your best friend get ready for his big day – and keep him stress free. Here are ten steps to take to go down in the books as the best best man ever.

  1. Help organize the rest of the groomsmen. Make sure the other men get their tuxes, shoes and any other requested attire in time.
  2. Offer to lend a hand with wedding planning projects. If the groom is going to be folding ceremony programs on a Saturday afternoon, ask him if he’d like help.
  3. Organize the bachelor party. Don’t forget to keep the groom’s wishes in mind. If his idea of a great party is a straight-laced poker night with his favorite people, don’t drag him to every bar in town (and vice versa, of course).
  4. Make sure the groomsmen all arrive at the rehearsal dinner. Offer to help with rehearsal dinner preparations, or coordinating transportation.
  5. On the wedding day, arrive prepared. Showing up with an “emergency” kit with sewing supplies, Advil and breath mints would be a great start.
  6. Hold the rings during the ceremony (the ring-bearer might be cute, but that’s only until he tries to feed the wedding bands to the dog).
  7. Keep your toast short and sweet. If humor is your thing, go for it. But don’t bring up embarrassing stories that will make guests (and the couple) uncomfortable. Our perfect formula? Simple. Tell a quick story about how you met the groom, followed by a funny anecdote about something sweet the groom did for the bride while they were dating, followed by describing the moment you realized they were perfect together. Toast the couple and call it a day.
  8. During the reception, be helpful. If you see Great Uncle Joe looking lost, offer him assistance.
  9. Feel free to be the life of the party – in a good way. Dance with the flower girl, help keep conversation flowing at dinner and participate in any traditional activities that apply to you.
  10. Remember who you’re there for. When wedding planning has the groom stressed out, or he’s dealing with pre-ceremony jitters, just check in and help make sure that your friend knows you’re there for him and ready to help make this celebration great.

Image via Ideas