amaretto punch in glass pitcher
Photo: How Sweet It Is

Amaretto Bourbon Punch

Like your cocktails on the strong side? Try this amaretto bourbon punch flavored with citrus and maraschino cherry juice.

spiked peach punch topped with lemon and peaches
Photo: Sugar & Soul

Spiked Peach Punch

In late summer when peaches are in season, make this yummy punch recipe. It looks beautiful in a large bowl garnished with lemon and peach slices.

blended Chardonnay slushie cocktail
Photo: The Effortless Chic

Chardonnay Slushies

A grown-up version of Slurpees, this blended beverage calls for white wine, Grand Marnier, pears, and grapefruit. It's a chilly drink perfect for a hot, sunny afternoon.

frothy tropical punch created with sherbet and ginger ale
Photo: Kitchen Treaty

Paradise Rum Punch

Throwing a bridal shower with a tropical theme? Serve equally festive bridal shower cocktails! This coconut rum punch has a frothy layer created by mixing ginger ale with sorbet and ice cream. You want to make it right as guests start coming in for it to stay pretty.

watermelon gin punch
Photo: Garnish with Lemon

Watermelon Gin Punch

While gin isn't the most popular spirit today, it is completely underutilized. If you aren't a big gin fan, we think this delish punch might convert you. Mix together watermelon juice, mint, simple syrup, and mint for a delightful summer drink.

peach basil sangria with white wine
Photo: Camille Styles

Peach Basil Sangria

Don't get us wrong, we love red wine sangria, but we are obsessed with the white wine version. Make pitchers of peach and basil sangria the night before the party (it's more flavorful when the fruit sits in the fridge overnight in a blend of wine and peach schnapps). And being able to prepare your bridal shower cocktails the night before will make all the difference in your schedule the next day.

grapefruit lemongrass cocktail in stemless wine glasses
Photo: Best Friends for Frosting

Grapefruit Lemongrass Cocktail

Light and lively, this grapefruit, lemongrass, and ginger drink calls for sake, but this would also be a lovely option for a non-alcoholic beverage (simply by adding seltzer water).

blackberry sage lemonade cocktail
Photo: Host the Toast

Blackberry Sage Lemonade

Fresh berries and herbs are an unbeatable summer drink combination. This lemonade uses a homemade blackberry syrup, crushed sage leaves, and vodka.

raspberry champagne cocktail
Photo: Chasing Delicious

Raspberry Champagne Cocktail

This sparkling champagne cocktail can be easy to serve. Pre-blend the cocktail fixings in a pitcher and then top with champagne when your guests are ready to enjoy!

cranberry ginger punch with citrus fruit
Photo: Honestly Yum

Cranberry Ginger Punch

This punch is a happy blend of cranberry apple sparkling cider, ginger syrup, rum, and cognac. Add nutmeg and cinnamon if your bridal shower is in the fall, otherwise it's perfect with citrus fruit.

bourbon beer punch with orange slices
Photo: This Girl Walks Into a Bar

Bourbon Beer Punch

For ladies who don't necessarily prefer their cocktails sweet, this bourbon beer punch is a refreshing change of pace from syrupy drinks. Garnish with wedges of orange or lemon.

DIY cocktail station
Photo: Sugar & Charm

DIY Cocktails

Everyone has their own preferences anyway, so why not let them make their own drinks? Set out a few bottles of alcohol (vodka, gin, and whiskey), a couple of fruit juices and sodas, and various fruits like lemons and limes. If you want to provide a little inspiration, set up a few recipe cards to give guests guidance.