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You are not required to plan activities for your guests during your wedding weekend. However, many modern couples are opting to postpone their honeymoon in favor of enjoying more quality time with their guests. Whether you are present for these activities or not, here are 5 simple ideas your friends and family will appreciate.

Plan a brunch for the morning after.

While one of the families might have traditionally hosted a morning-after brunch for friends and family, we actually love it when a close friend steps up to volunteer. The parents of the bride and groom are exhausted by this point and deserve to just sit and relax, chatting with their loved ones and sipping mimosas.

Book your photographer for family reunion portraits.

Is your family rarely together? See if your grandparents would be interested in booking your wedding photographer for the morning after to do family reunion portraits. There might not be time on the day of, and especially if you are there, this can be the ideal time to capture the whole gang.

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For athletic families, arrange a group yoga event or organize a 5k fun run.

After all of that champagne, cake, and wedding stress, a yoga session sounds marvelous. You could arrange for a group yoga event, or if your family is full of joggers, map out a small "fun run" with a silly prize for the winner.

Call on hometown friends to participate in a progressive dinner.

Perhaps your out-of-towners prefer to sleep in? In that case, see if your local friends and extended family would be willing to host a progressive dinner, where guests move from house to house enjoying different courses.

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Help them navigate the city on their own.

Your guests may have a limited amount of time and very diverse interests. If you would like to go the extra mile, arrange some form of complimentary transportation (subway passes, Uber codes, shuttles, etc.) to take your loved ones to the attractions and activities they don't want to miss while in town.