Just a few cute little finds from Etsy land... Let's start with an Etsy newcomer, Talent Show. They have adorable totes that would be perfect as a beach tote for summer (and would also make excellent bridesmaid gifts).


Lately, I've been obsessed with these frame gardens. I don't understand how they work, but I just love the look of them as an alternative to a garden in a small outdoor space. This one by So Succulent is pretty fantastic.


I saw this from Little Print Garden and just had to share...And yes, I choose both.


4th Year Studio is one of my new favorite invitation companies, and their Etsy page is just a tiny taste. I love these bright Braille note cards.


I want these even though I am fairly certain I would just waste them while pretending to be a librarian. I would also need one of those noisy librarian stamps, too, but I digress... Knot and Bow has so many fun things, but these library cards are definitely on the top of my shopping list.