The most dangerous part of my job is not the over-caffeination you'd expect from someone who spends her days in coffee shops. Nor is it the tight neck muscles from hunching over my computer, crafting the perfect blog post. No, what makes my job so hazardous is that I spend all day, every day, looking at ridiculously awesome things. Which invariably leads to justifying why I can't live one more moment with said awesomeness. And...well, you can imagine where this is leading. Like I said, dangerous.

One of the finds I stumbled upon that I "had to have or the world might possibly end" was Nan Lawson's custom illustrations. Fortunately, our one year anniversary was on the horizon (okay, it was six months out but work with me here!) and I knew it was the perfect anniversary gift.

And, it was! Look how cute we are!

Hand-drawn illustration of couple holding hands by Nan Lawson.

Nan is super-easy to work with (aren't you glad I can tell you that from personal experience?). You simply send her a couple of photos of you and your honey plus any details you'd like included on the illustration (some folks, for example, include their kitty or dog) and she'll do up a custom print. A print that would be perfect for a wedding gift, or a present to your parents, or an anniversary gift, or an "I love you" gift, or...