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locked lips bachelorette party game
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Locked Lips

This time "locking lips" has nothing to do with kissing, yet everything to do with watching your words. Hand each of the girls a plastic ring as they arrive and inform them that if they want to keep it, they will have to refrain from using the chosen words. "Wedding" or "bride" are popular choices, especially on a night like this!

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Categories- Wedding!

Time to see who is quick on their feet and who has their mind in the wedding game. Create a stack of cards with wedding categories on them like flowers, dress, gift, party, veil, d├ęcor, music, etc. and have them facedown. Now while in a circle, let the first player hold the stack and draw the top card. She has 5 seconds to come up with a word that fits in the category and then pass the deck to her right. If she can't handle that, she has to leave the circle. Afterwards, the next player pulls the top card and answers that category, etc.

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Bachelorette Libs

Madlibs is always a hilarious way to pass time, so what better way to pick up that natural lull at the party than with a round of Bachelorette Libs? Let the ridiculousness ensue!

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Cold Feet

You probably never thought of this term literally, but it is an idea for a great game. Fill a big bowl or bucket with ice water and drop some items, preferably big rings in there. Now each guest has a chance to dip her feet in and pull out the rings as quickly as possible. Time the ladies and see who can handle cold feet best- we hope it's the bride!

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Guess the Kisses

While the bride is otherwise distracted, ask all the ladies present to kiss a prepared canvas or card. Now, with a sheet full of lipstick marks, get the bride to try to match the kiss to the pal! Afterwards, give the girls a chance to sign their names under their kisses and voila! You have a memorable guest book!

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Never Have I Ever

Adjust this game to your personal preferences, but we like to play this game with buttons or coins instead of drinking. Everyone starts with the same number of buttons (let's say 20) and then go around the circle saying, "Never have I ever..." and completing the phrase with something you have never done before. Whoever has done that particular thing throws one of their buttons into the middle of the circle. The last lady with buttons is the winner!

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Put a Ring on it!

Feel free to play Queen Bey while you challenge your best girls to a bridal version of horseshoes. Set up some decorated bottles (wine bottles look nice) and start throwing some large rings, hoping to "ring" as many bottles as possible. The lady with the best aim wins!

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Lipstick Pictionary

Same old Pictionary, except this time the terms are wedding themed and instead of a pencil, you're using a lipstick. Oh, and another flip on the original, no using your hands. It's one of the best bachelorette party game ideas ever!

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Desperate Housewives

Charades time! But instead of movies or animals, you're choosing male celebrities. But it's not that easy- you need to impersonate that celebrity's WIFE! We're setting our bets on your friend with the Cosmo subscription!