Hosting a bridal shower? Things to remember:

  1. It is best if the host isn't related to the bride. Sometimes the bride's family's house may be the best place to hold the shower, and that's fine. However, the invitations and the host(s) shouldn't be a member of the family. The exception is if a relative, such as a grandmother or mother, lives too far away to attend the bridal shower, but wants to throw her own shower with her friends.
  2. Do not put the registry on the invitation. Although it sounds very convenient, it is also a no-no. When your guests call to RSVP, they can then inquire about where she is registered. You are inviting them to a party, and even though they know they need to bring a gift, listing a registry makes it more about the gift than the guest's attendance.
  3. Remember to serve refreshments appropriate for the time of the party. If you have the party at the lunch or dinner hours, people will be expecting a meal. If you have a smaller budget, throw the party in the mid-afternoon and just serve punch and cake.