When you mention the words "bridal shower" to most men, they'll likely stop listening and resume watching the ball game. Showers don't involve them anyway, right? Well, that certainly isn't the case today. One great way to include the groom and his male friends in the pre-wedding festivities is to throw a couple's shower. Unlike the traditionally female-only bridal shower of days past, this modern wedding shower includes both the bride and groom, as well as their male and female friends and/or family.

Couples showers typically focus on guy-friendly theme and gifts, such as lawn and BBQ, home bar, sports, home improvement or the honeymoon. Listening now, guys? I thought so. If you're thinking about hosting a couples shower or if someone offers to throw one for you, here's what you need to know:

Who hosts it? Members of the wedding party (groomsmen, bridesmaids or both), friends or family members (siblings, cousins, aunts/uncles, etc.) typically host couples showers. They can be hosted by one person, a couple or a group of people.

Location/venue. Depending on the theme of the shower, these events can be held at the hosts' home, a local restaurant or bar, or other fun locale.

Who's invited? Guests typically include close male and female friends of the engaged couple (not limited to couples, of course don't forget any single pals!), family members, work colleagues, etc.

Theme/gift ideas. While there's no rule that says couples showers have to focus on any specific theme, this is a perfect time to choose a theme that appeals to both men and women. So save the kitchen and bath and home décor showers for the girls, and think about more man-friendly themes, such as these:

- Lawn and BBQ: A great shower to host in a backyard and offer guests grilled fare and cold beverages/cocktails. Gift ideas include grilling tools and accessories, landscaping/gardening tools and equipment, lawn games, fire pits, tiki torches, hammocks, and the like.

Stock the Bar: A shower that can be hosted in someone's home, man cave or at the local watering hole with cocktails and appetizers. Gift ideas include drink ware/bar ware, bar utensils and accessories, bar signs/artwork, bottles of liquor, etc.


Sports: For sports-loving couples, this shower can be hosted at a home or venue near/overlooking the engaged couple's favorite team's field, stadium, etc. (such as a sports bar, clubhouse or stadium club). Gift ideas include sports-themed items such as these. Popular ideas are tailgating gear, custom team signs/artwork, team logoed drink ware/bar ware/serve ware, apparel or game tickets.


Home Improvement: A shower that can be hosted at someone's home or other fun location. Gift ideas include ladders, power tools and hand tools, tool storage, painting equipment, or hardware store gift cards to help fund larger improvement projects.


Honeymoon: A great shower to host at someone's home or a restaurant with cuisine that matches the honeymoon destination. Depending on the destination, gift ideas could include excursions and activities, snorkeling or skiing gear, hiking equipment, beach towels, travel gear, luggage or travel guides.



Kara Horner has worked as writer and editor in the magazine and custom publishing industry since 2001.She channels her passion for writing about weddings as a regular contributor to The ManRegistry and also frequently writes for its wedding blogging network. Follow Kara and The Man Registry on Twitter.