Not to sound like a failed and drunken beauty queen, but I pretty much believe the world would be a better place if it were covered in sprinkles and glitter. Screw world peace, people need more sparkle!

For you friends of the brides out there, don't stress over complicated bridal shower or bachelorette party themes. Seriously. Just go shimmery! Serve sprinkle-rimmed cocktails and have your guests decorate a fun pair of glitter flats for the bride to wear to the rehearsal dinner. For party favors, give out ridiculous, gaudy jewelry by the handful. Trust me, they double as fantastic photo props. No one can resist their inner Material Girl.

Credits (clockwise from top left):

Sprinkled Cosmos

Jewelry Galore!

Cake with Glittery Sprinkle Heart

Dazzled Shoes


The Coolest Manicure Ever