Bridal shower brunch ideas

If you have a friend, sister, cousin or niece getting married, there’s a very good chance that you’ve been called upon (or offered!) to host a bridal shower for your loved one and soon-to-be bride. While we’ve talked about bridal shower planning and tips for making the celebration fun and easy to put together, there’s one thing we haven’t covered in depth yet: bridal shower games. Here are the best fun bridal shower games for everyone, from the game averse to game enthusiasts.

Romantic Comedy Charades: In a chick flick-inspired spin on charades, pair up your guests and have them take turns drawing the names of romantic comedies from a bowl. Now, here’s where the twist comes in – instead of acting out the titles, they’ll have to act out famous scenes from the movies they’ve drawn to get the other guests to guess the correct film. Think Julia Roberts hightailing it from her wedding in Runaway Bride, or the famous leap into Patrick Swayze’s arms in Dirty Dancing.

Put A Ring On It: This game is a great game to have going throughout the entire shower. When your guests arrive, hand them a cheap (read: awesome) plastic ring. The rules from that point on are simple. Choose two or three words – “wedding,” “bride” and the groom’s name are great options – to ban. If a guest catches another guest saying one of the words, they get to steal one of their rings. The guest with the most rings at the end of the shower wins a prize.

Love Quotes: Type up a list of famous quotes from romantic movies or books and print out enough copies for each guest to have one. Guests will then do their best to name the movie that each quote is from. The guest who correctly names the most movies wins a prize.

Bridal shower mad libs

Bridal Shower Mad Libs: Purchase a customizable stack of mad libs on Etsy or create your own, then invite guests to make their own mad libs for the happy couple if they have a few spare minutes throughout the shower. Mad lib style wedding and marriage advice or a mad lib of the story of the way the couple met are particularly fun. This game is nice to have on hand for entertainment, even if you don’t all sit down to make a mad lib.

bridal shower game ideas

The Date Night Jar: Perfect for the non-game-enthused among your guests, this “game” really just involves brainstorming great date night ideas for the newlyweds. Lay out a pile of wood craft or popsicle sticks and permanent markers next to a basket or jar so guests can write down their suggestions and drop them in the jar for the bride to take home and use for inspiration after the wedding.

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