Last weekend a friend admitted to me that she had never seen "Heathers" or "Pretty in Pink." As you can imagine, a double feature immediately followed.  And while watching all the delicious preppy glory of penny loafers, giant hair scrunchies, and crisp oxford shirts, this inspiration board came to mind.  The great thing about it is that you can also go co-ed: give headbands and bow ties to the guests, play croquet on the lawn, and sip on gin and tonics. Just for kicks, give everyone a stereotypically preppy name like Blaine or Buffy (although, if you actually have friends named Blaine or Buffy, this could get awkward). Have fun!


Adirondack chair headband

Bow tie

Croquet set

Argyle vases

Gin and Tonic

Madras Headbands

Polka dots and stripes table