Looking for a unique bridal shower? Try having one that features a specific theme. Themed showers have several advantages. First, if the couple already has all the basic household and lifestyle items they will need to start their new life together, a themed wedding shower is an excellent way to build up the extras they might love (such as items for a hobby or vacations). Second, themed showers take away some of the stress associated with gift giving. Third, themes can be selected that are budget-conscious if the bride is concerned people are feeling the strain of both a wedding and shower gift.

Some theme and gift ideas:

Travel Shower: Either just for the honeymoon or for the couple who enjoys travel, items like personalized luggage tags, guidebooks, travel toiletries, and outlet adaptors will be much appreciated.

Kitchen Shower: Epicurious? Gifts could range from a homemade cookbook of favorite recipes to interesting kitchen gadgets to fun aprons!

Camping: If they are outdoor enthusiasts, head to local hardware stores or outdoor equipment retailers and make a fun gift basket with trail maps, waterproof matches, and a first aid kit.

TV Show Shower: Pick your friend's favorite TV show as a theme. For example, if she loves "Mad Men", serve martinis and give gifts like Rat Pack CDs, vintage casserole dishes, and saucy lingerie that only Joan would approve of.

Date Night Shower:  Help prepare your friend for many date nights to come. Give different gifts that will inspire fun at-home or on-the-town date nights. Example: a gift certificate to a local tourist attraction or restaurant or a DVD with candy and microwave popcorn.

Favorite Holiday or Event Shower: Is the bride crazy for Halloween or the Super Bowl? Give her accessories that will make those celebrations all the more fun. Examples: decorative lights, serving bowls, or themed cocktail recipes and ingredients.