Bridesmaid Jewelry Gifts

You’ve shared, laughed, and cried with your bridesmaids and you’ll probably do all three on your big day. While they will honor you with the walk down the aisle, let them know you appreciate everything they’ve done with the perfect gift of jewelry.

Think Style and Fit

Whether you have a wedding theme or a more spontaneous event, choose the style of jewelry you want your bridesmaids to wear. When it comes to fit, most earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are versatile and will fit most. Consider a minimum of 18” in length if you choose necklaces. If bracelets are beckoning, favor at least 7.5” in length, it’s much easier to size down if needed.


Everything in Harmony

Always elegant, pearl drop earrings are a simple choice and many are dyed to complement your theme colors. Baroque and keshi pearl necklaces will create an "of-the-moment" look, while classic freshwater cultured pearl strands strike a traditional look.


Uniquely Hers

More than likely, your bridesmaids each have an individual style, so select unique pieces that capture their individuality. Perhaps a dramatic pair of sterling silver earrings may appeal to one bridesmaid or a delicate infinity bracelet may signify your lifelong friendship to another. Oh, and if possible, engrave her jewelry piece to be hers alone. When you give each bridesmaid a personal gift, it will show how well you know her. 


The Honorable Maid

She’s the one who will stand next to you and is your right hand gal. With that being said, delve a little deeper to find a singular gift and spend a bit more if necessary. Gemstone jewelry is a trend that is destined for longevity – consider a matching jewelry set in her favorite gemstone color. Create an added touch by tucking your favorite picture of the two of you within the jewelry box. By the way – and here’s the pitch – you can get all of these jewelry pieces and more at bluenile.com.