Putting together favor bags or out of town gift baskets for your guests? Don't forget to add a snack that also reflects your wedding's theme!

Texas ranch wedding? Give them that perfect combination of sugary spice with green chile caramels or wow them with spicy jalapeno cheddar popcorn.

Halloween event? Make your own version of a trick-or-treat bag by filling cute burlap sacks with caramel apple caramels, packets of instant cider, and caramel corn.

Garden reception? Put raspberry and blueberry caramels into small berry boxes, wrap the rim with gingham ribbon, and use them for your placecards. Or place huckleberry caramels in large glass vases next to your pie table.

Local wedding? Give treats that show off the area's most popular flavors: maple caramels for Vermont, cappuccino for Seattle, or cheddar popcorn for Wisconsin.

Traditional ceremony? Give your guests caramels inscribed with an inspirational thought to add to the romance of the occasion.

Just can't decide on what treat to give? Order the bride sampler package from Annie B's caramels to help you narrow down your favorite flavors and see examples of their personalized labels.