Williams-Sonoma wedding registry - All-White Porcelain Dinnerware
Photo: Williams-Sonoma

If you’re excited about adding items to your registry, we’re with you—there’s something thrilling about creating a list of gifts that you know you’ll actually receive. But it doesn’t matter how savvy (or enthusiastic!) of a shopper you are in real-life. Shopping for your registry is another animal entirely. For most brides, the central question around the registry isn’t what to add to the list—it’s how many items are appropriate. Here’s a general rule of thumb: aim for about one gift per couple or family, plus a few extras so that everyone has options. Like with most elements of wedding-planning, there’s a little bit more to it, though. Read on for everything you need to know about adding the correct number of gifts to your registry.


Consider pre-wedding events.

The one-couple-one-gift rule doesn't apply if you're having other present-centric events, like an engagement party or bridal shower. Aim to register for an additional item per bridal shower guest, to ensure that your registry doesn’t run low before the big day.

Add enough items to each price point category.

There’s nothing wrong with taking the high-low approach to registry creation—no, it’s not rude to include expensive gifts—just be sure to include enough items in each category to give your guests options. If a close relative wants to gift generously, but there aren’t any “high” options left, they might go rogue. And going rogue when you go big can be a little dangerous!

Think about group gifts.

Another reason to include enough expensive registry items? Group gifts! It’s likely your college friends or your favorite cousins will pitch in to purchase something on the higher-end side of your gift list, so be sure to have multiple selections set and ready to go.