romantic veil and headpiece by Hushed Commotion

Sometimes it's difficult for us to tear ourselves away from Hushed Commotion's delicate, romantic accessories. Case in point: this floral collar, which makes us want to adopt a Frenchie, ASAP. That's along with about three other accessories we couldn't help but include in shoots for our upcoming magazine, of course.

Lace-trimmed veil from Hushed Commotion

It doesn't help our mild obsession that this company just launched their 2015 collection, which is filled with ethereal veils and golden headpieces that we'd gladly slip into on a daily basis if we could convince our co-workers that wearing bridal accessories in the office on a Monday was socially acceptable. Since we're still working on that one, we'll settle for oohing and ahhing over them here and doing our best to keep up with Thea and Hushed Commotion's every design move and creative insights by admiring the Hushed Commotion blog and, of course, following Thea on Instagram.

Now, one last accessory to take us out.

Gold belt bridal accessory from Hushed Commotion

Anyone else have accessory envy?

Photos by Brklyn View Photography