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Is there a proper way to let your guest know that the only gift you need is money??? We moved into our home this summer and we have double of everything! Blenders, china, coffee makers, pots/pans, everything is decorated and furnished etc. We don't need anymore of those Things! We would like to fence our backyard which is costly. Is there a non tacky way to request only money?? - Chlo Brown

Miss Brown,

Today there are a multitude of options where brides and grooms can register and get exactly what they want for their wedding gift. If you only want cash consider an online registry such as Wishing Well or Deposit a Gift where your guests can gift you with cash or help you towards a large purchase.

Or consider registering with a non-traditional registry to get the items that will help you the most, such as Home Depot, REI or Best Buy.

My parents are divorced. My Dad is remarried but my mom is not. My mom, my dad and his wife and my fiance's parents are all contributing money to the wedding. What is the best way to word the invitations while honoring all of these people? -Heather Johnson

Miss Johnson,

You and your groom are very lucky to have so much kindness around you. My suggestion is to simply use "Together with their families" as the header for the invite. This will include everyone involved and recognize all of their generosities. You may consider a special toast from you and the groom during the reception to honor all of them too.

If we get married on the beach in Florida, who from our families do we have to pay for the trip there? -Karen Isabella

Miss Isabella,

It is very gracious of you to even consider paying for anyone to attend your wedding. Truly, though, you are not obligated to pay for anyone's trip. If someone cannot afford or doesn't want to make the trip however, it would be very kind of you to offer to pay for them to make the trip.

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