Last week our newlywed blogger, Anne, wrote about the book "The 5 Love Languages." I had totally forgotten about that book! I read it for a psychology class in college and couldn't remember which love language I was. Being a sucker for a good assessment test, I went to the website and retook the quiz. Turns out, like Anne, I am a "quality time." Basically this means that if a friend wants to show me they care we should go to lunch and hang out and chat.

What I love about Chapman's philosophy is that it incorporates itself into all the relationships of our life: family, friends, future spouse, etc., because these fundamental things about us don't change. While lots of couples choose to participate in pre-marriage counseling, most don't because, they say, "there isn't a problem yet." I say avoid the waiting for the "yet" and try and address some relationship and communication issues before they become concerns.

Books like "The 5 Love Languages" is a great way to start a dialogue with your partner. Who doesn't want to talk about how they like to be appreciated?! Plus, it helps make you more aware of being a better partner. For example, if you are a "quality-timer" maybe you are always planning fun dates, when your "acts of service" partner would really just prefer you help with the dishes. You could save yourself the price of movie tickets and throw on a pair of scrubby gloves and you would be aces.

Check this out for yourself and take the quiz here.

What other books out there are helping make your relationship stronger? Comment with the title and author and I will be sure to give them a look-see!

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Scott Photography