My fiance is having his brother be the best man. His brother is married. Do I have to ask is wife to be in the bridal party? I don't want her as my maid of honor....-Paulina Albazi
Dear Miss Albazi,
The selection of your bridal party should come from the heart. No, you do not have to ask you future sister-in-law to be a part of the wedding party. It is important however to allow your bridal party and significant others to sit together at the reception, if possible.

What do you think about a bride with a "sleeve" of tattoos, and a tattoo on her back (not solid-line drawing of a cat) wearing a strapless dress on her wedding day? -Meg Bieniek
Dear Miss Bieniek,
Tattoos and piercings are more prevalent in today's culture than ever before. While the decision to wear your style on your sleeve may reflect individuality, you will want to consider if it will stand the test of time. Consider looking at your photos 10 years from now and how you will want to remember your experience as a bride; then make the decision whether to bear the ink or not.

I'm planning a destination wedding and have sent out save the date cards with all of the information needed to make travel arrangements. The wedding is May 24, 2011. When do I need to send out the actual invitation? -Chelsea Jess
Dear Miss Jess,
Since you have already sent out a save-the-date, you will be fine sending your invites a minimum of 8 weeks out. Also, consider a wedding website on to keep your guests abreast of the details.

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