The groom twirls his bride on the dance floor as the two share their first dance.

My father has a new wife. My mother doesn't care too much for her being around at my wedding. I'm not too fond of her myself. How do I tell my father to NOT bring her without hurting his feelings? -Gabriela Calzada
Dear Miss Calzada,
Step parents at weddings are a common sore spot if you are not friendly with them.

Consider a heart-to-heart with your father about the situation and tell him about your worries. Or another option would be to use the process and events surrounding your wedding to mend your relationships. While your wedding is truly about you and your groom, it can offer a growth opportunity and a new beginning for your family too.
My father keeps comparing the cost of my wedding to everyone else he knows, he seems to think I'm breaking the bank but I'm UNDER budget and my destination wedding is much less expensive than any of my friends Coastal New England weddings! How can I calm him down and/or shut him up? He's ruining it for me. -Shelby Welch
Dear Miss Welch,
Your situation is unfortunate, however, pretty common. Consider tracking the budget on paper with your father so he can see the truth of the matter for himself. Often seeing is believing in situations like these.
Alternately, you could do nothing and let the celebration of the wedding speak for itself. Often once the events of the day begin the fathers let go of any budgetary apprehensions.

If you are doing a father daughter dance do you do it before your first dance as a new couple? -Rebecca Harvey
Dear Miss Harvey,
The multitude of dance possibilities for your wedding can be a little confusing at times. Your first dance with the groom should take place before any other dance, such as the father-daughter or mother-son. It is acceptable however to open the dance floor to guests prior to this treasured tradition.

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Photo by Jenna Walker Photography. See the rest of Tony and Lauren's wedding here.