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My fiance's parents are divorced and both remarried. Do we sit ALL of our parents together at the reception/ceremony?? Including mine? I don't want anyone to feel excluded and place them entirely apart. I'm so confused at what to do...-Cecelia Haskie, Facebook fan

Miss Haskie,

Divorced families often pose interesting dynamics for a big family event such a wedding; it is very kind of you to consider the feelings of all the parties involved.

I recommend seating each group at their own tables with other guests they enjoy. For instance, seat your groom's father and step-mother with a group of their friends or appropriate immediate family. You can then place their tables around your head table to maintain their prominent distinction.

Seating guests appropriately is very important when it comes to these situations. A proper seating arrangement will help make everyone more comfortable, allowing them to share in the joy of your day.