What is the most popular wedding favor going on right now? Something easy to make/put together. Jessica Elizabeth Raybuck
Dear Miss Raybuck,

A handmade wedding favor is always the best as it presents an even more sentimental value to your guests. Here are a few of my favorite DIY favors:

-Baked goods like cookies, candy or breads are great tagged with a message, such as "Baked with love for you. Thank you for sharing our day."

-Plants, bulbs or seeds are great lasting favor options. A seed pack tagged with a message, such as "Watch us as we grow together" is a very thoughtful gesture.

-A candy bar is a great interactive favor that guests love. Theme the bar according to color, shapes or flavors and you have a totally personalized take-away that won't break the bank. Remember to personalize the sacks or boxes.

-Whatever favor you select please consider the environment and present something useful and which guests will use and enjoy. My favorite favor is a donation to a cause dear to you and your groom. You can then present guests a card that tells them a donation was made in their name as your gift to them. You not only raise awareness but do something good.
I want to know what opinion William has for a rainbow wedding. Not bright colors, I was thinking more pastel colors? Michelle Marie Runyon
Dear Miss Runyon,

Using a spectrum of color can be very effective if done well. I would suggest selecting a range within the same hue or tone so there is some cohesion in the scheme. If you are using pastels be careful not to create an Easter pageant with your color scheme. Limit the choices to no more than five and you should be good. Make sure all colors can be harmoniously paired with one another and used throughout the scheme.
Dear Miss Souto,

Assigned seating is typically reserved for formal occasions. If your event is casual then you definitely do not need to assign seats. Consider, however, reserving a few tables to ensure your VIPs, such as immediate family, have a place to sit. It is very important to determine how many guests you are having so you can have enough seats.
What do you give a person that you have known for less than a year as a gift of $ for their wedding. Katie Elizabeth
Dear Miss Elizabeth,

Cash gifts are always very tricky since either too little or much may be perceived incorrectly. It would be a much nicer gesture to purchase an item from their registry or a gift card rather than cash. Remember it is the thought that counts when giving a gift.
My husband and I are doing a formal wedding on our 5 year anniversary, with the whole shebang, I'm interested in a Red Gown, what other colors can I coordinate with it?? My husband will be in his Army Dress Uniform...Allison Jade Heyne
Dear Mrs. Heyne,

You go with your red gown! Depending on your style or theme red can be very versatile and definitely dramatic. If you want to stand alone in your rich rouge tone then select a neutral to complement it such as mocha or white. But if you want to have some accents around you consider other bright colors such as fuschia, hot pink or orange with the correct tones this can be an amazing palette.
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