Your guest list is one of the most important aspects of starting to plan your wedding. I recommend building your list before you make any big decisions as the number of guests you invite will affect your budget, venue selection and overall style of your wedding.

Here are a few tips to think about as your start building your list:
-Decide who you cannot imagine being without on your big day. And equally as important, decide who will definitely not be invited.  These two opposing sets of names will help you pare down your guests right away.

-Determine a target number from the start. This projected total should be based upon a mutual agreement between you and your groom. If you both always dreamed of a small intimate wedding, this is the time to set that plan in motion. With a goal set for the final number, you will easily be able to determine how many people each party (do not forget to include your parents' lists, if applicable).

-Set parameters for yourself and your family. For example, perhaps you might decide not to invite coworkers or children. Additionally, let your parents know their invite limit and then give them the space to decide who to put on it.

-Lastly, build your list from your heart and not from simple consideration. The guests at your wedding should be those you truly enjoy and those with whom you want to share your special day.

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Photo by Paige Elizabeth.