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Your Oasis at Home: How to turn your master bedroom into a sanctuary

Right now you are in the excitement of planning your wedding and focused on things like finding the perfect cake topper and getting the invitations out on time. Although registering for your wedding can be fun (who doesn't love an online shopping spree?), envisioning what you are going to need can be very intimidating.

Once the wedding is over and reality sets in, it will be more important than ever for both of you to be able to relax in your new home together. Help manage the stress of daily life by turning your bedroom and bathroom into your own little getaway from the world. We have found some great items at JCPenney to help you get started. You can register at JCPenneyfor these, plus practically anything you will need to start not just your new home, but your new life, no matter what your style.

Here are helpful hints for turning your master bedroom and bathroom into a sanctuary:

  • Start by creating a bed you will never want to leave and that also makes a great focal point of the room! You won't want to buy new bedroom furniture every year so purchase classic styles that you can update on a whim with trendy accents.
  • The bed shouldn't just look great, it should feel fantastic. Comfy sheets are just about the best thing ever after a long day and crawling in to bed should feel like an instant escape together. Trust us; it is worth investing in high thread count sheets and a great comforter. Good pillows and white noise will keep you asleep longer and help you wake up refreshed and ready to start the next day of your newlywed bliss.
  • The key to a relaxing environment is the romantic lighting. Use the right height of lamps around the room to create the mood you are looking to achieve. Keep the lighting soft in most areas, except where you will be reading.
  • Use color psychology to create your oasis experience. Avoid overdosing on bold colors. Use neutrals and accent with pops of color to your decor to change it up. An entire room in fire engine red might not do wonders to help you forget the long day at the office.
  • Don't fight about the laundry! You can't relax in a bubble bath if you are staring at dirty clothes. Laundry hampers, cabinets, and baskets help free your space of distractions, and the potential of the dreaded first fight.
  • Savor your bath from beginning to end. Bring your favorite spa home with lots of luxurious details. Burn candles with calming scents such as lavender and vanilla in beautiful candleholders. Listen to something soothing, because clichés about soft music are absolutely true. For a spa-like experience at home, don't skimp on the soft towels and cushy.
  • Sometimes the best date nights are at home together with a glass of wine and a good cuddle. Curl up in your comfy sheets and turn off your good lighting and watch your favorite movie.


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