Gold and silver wedding rings and bangs on printed paper.

In all the hubbub over veils and shoes, brides often forget the number one way to tie together their bridal look: jewelry. The difference between plain and elegant, the jewelry that you wear on your wedding day should add that little "extra something" to your wedding dress as you walk down the aisle.

There are a few different ways that you can go:

Classic pearls

They were a Jackie Kennedy staple for a reason. Pearls go with everything. Especially wedding dresses. An iconic pearl necklace and earrings connote a timeless quality to your bridal fashion, and also provide you with a jewelry box classic that you will enjoy for years.

Demure sparkle

Unless you are going for a very bold and modern look, you probably want to keep your sparkle on the dainty side. Try something like this gorgeous sapphire and diamond necklace , which can also serve as your something blue!  A little glimmer goes a long way when you pair them with these matching sapphire earrings or pretty little diamond studs.

Simple metals

If you don't normally wear a lot of bling, too much jewelry might make you feel like you don't look like yourself. And that is never the goal!  Instead, try something simpler, like this lovely infinity knot necklace. It's symbolic of this momentous event, and you can wear it with more casual clothes later!