Engagement photo for your free wedding website
Photo: Unsplash

Here are a few things to consider during the early stages of your engagement.

Enjoy this phase.

Unless you want to get married right away, there's no need to rush. Simply savor the bliss of engagement.  There are plenty of months of wedding planning decisions ahead, from finding the ultimate dress to hammering out your venue contract.  For now, just enjoy the fire roaring in the fireplace and posting a ton of ring photos to your Instagram.

Don't commit to anything from wedding size to bridal party.

While you want to send bridesmaid asks to all of your besties right this second, hold off.  We cannot even begin to count the number of questions we receive from brides about how to un-invite a bridesmaid after a once tight friendship has taken a tumble.  Especially if you are planning a long engagement, better to wait.  Also, don't commit to a specific guest list, theme, or request from family members.  You're too giddy to make important decisions right now.

Just be inspired.

If you need to do something, search for inspiration. Find the styles and details you connect with, and file them away so that when the real planning begins, you have a place to start.  Don't stress if you get overwhelmed by all the inspiration out there. You don't have to decide if you are a modern or vintage bride just yet.  And if you just can't decide what you really like, the best tip we can give you is to start by eliminating what you don't.  Remember to be true to both of your personalities and styles, and you can't go wrong!

Start simple.

Even when you do begin planning your wedding, it's best to start with the basics. A date, maybe a venue, definitely a wedding website that fits your style. It will all unfold from there. 

Congrats on this exciting new chapter in your love story!