Xta & Auros


Xta & Auros

Our wedding date: October 29, 2011

Thank you all so much for coming! It turned out fabulously, thanks in large part to our wonderful friends and family who went along with our crazy vision and wore costumes and fabulous things and drank and ate and danced and celebrated with us. (And to the many who weren't able to make it due to space constraints or your own lives interfering, we wish you all could have been present as well!)

If you took photos that you are willing to share, we'd appreciate it if you could upload them to Flickr with the tag "xtauros", so that we can find them. (If you don't currently use Flickr, you should! It's a great photo sharing site, and accounts are free.)

The pro shots by Funcrunch Photo are available now. If you see any of yourself that you like, it's possible to buy prints, made from higher resolution versions, as well as to buy the rights to make copies for yourself. Contact Julie for details.

Also, check out our wedding Featured on Offbeat Bride in September 2012.