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Wedding Accessories Shop

We need to prepare a lot of stuff for a wedding, especially Chinese wedding. Some of the traditional stuffs are unable to find in shopping mall. Therefore, the Wedding Accessories Shop is very important.


They can provide the traditional accessories we are looking for; they will also remind you if you have missed out any traditional accessories.


Most of the traditional accessories are in fair price and cheap. However, certain shops will raise the price of certain goods. I think that is normal for them to raise the price as they will only earn our money once in our lifetime, therefore must bargain with them in case you bought a lot J


I found that most of the shops do not have a lot of stock with them. To be safe, I suggest you should buy more just in case you need it later.


Following is the Wedding Accessories Shop which I knew in Penang:

  • Lean Trading (No 272, Victoria street, 10300 Penang. )
  • Lee Sin Merchant (128 Noordin Street Penang (Gi Teow Lor - it' s near Gama Supermarket there)
  • Queensbay mall 2nd floor
  • Parit Buntar Wedding Accessories Shop
    Kedai Alat- alat Jahitan Shop(Opposite BJ complex)

Nowadays, many people are with on-line shopping. I did not shop online while preparing our wedding, therefore cannot provide information of those good website. However I want to remind you that if you would like to buy stuff from website, and then make sure you did it earlier to avoid any delay or just in case the goods received are not as perfect as you wished for your wedding, then you still have time to purchase your own.


From~ Yin

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