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10 Great Examples of Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

10 Great Examples of Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Want to mix and match with panache? These stylish ladies show us how.




A Muted Palette





This wedding featured washes of pastels all around, from the groomsmen’s bow ties to the decor details. We loved that the bride carried this concept through to the mismatched bridesmaid dresses. Not only did this nod to the wedding palette help to create a unified look, but it was also a wise choice to have all of the dresses share a similar strapless neckline.





A Unifying Hue





These gal pals are all pretty in peach with their adorable, short bridesmaid dresses. Although they are slightly different in the tone of peach, they essentially share the same color. The result is a bridal party look that coordinated easily and had an effortless chic vibe.





Color to Set a Mood…





The deep, rich tones of purple in these mismatched bridal dresses definitely create a dramatic mood with their intense colors. Consider the time of year, as well as the formality of your event, and then decide what type of mood you want to create with your own bridal party.





…Or to Complement the Setting





For this Southwest desert wedding, the bridal party each selected a sundress in a shade of sage green. Echoing the cacti and succulents surrounding the event, they blended in beautifully with the setting.





Peppy Prints





Especially for retro or vintage events, nothing beats mismatched bridesmaid dresses in a variety of prints. This cheerful example uses colorful floral patterns to create a really darling look.





Compelling Texture





The best mismatched bridesmaid dresses don’t simply involve mixing and matching color, but also interesting texture. Find dresses that coordinate and complement each other, each with their own dynamic textural element, such as beading, pleats, embroidered sequins, or lacy layers.





Boho Goes Mainstream





One of boho’s favorite details is off-white bridesmaid dresses. Only in the last couple of years has this idea gone totally mainstream. Have your bridesmaids wear an off-white, ecru, or nude colored dress in cotton or lace fabrics for a simple, yet striking effect.





Shared Silhouette





Not only are these bridesmaids all wearing a light purple or lavender dress, they are also tied together by a shared silhouette. Each of these dresses are sleeveless, floor-length, and have a full, flowing skirt. When discussing silhouette with your bridal party, particularly if you are planning long distance, make sure to provide specific examples of what you are envisioning.





Razzle Dazzle





Metallic palettes are so popular right now, and the great thing is that they blend so well together, from the palest of champagne to the brassiest gold. Have each bridesmaid select her own dress covered in sequins, glitter, or metallic sheen.





Subtle Differences





If you are hesitant to mix and match, choices like these dresses can be a terrific compromise. Purchase dresses from the same retailer and in the same color, or find a convertible gown that each bridesmaid can tailor to her own preferences and body type.