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12 Cute Bridesmaid Asks

12 Cute Bridesmaid Asks

Soon after the excitement of your proposal, it’s time for you to pop a few questions of your own!  Asking your besties to be in your bridal party is not only fun for you, but also such a honor for them.




Here are 12 creative bridesmaid invitations (or bridesmaid ‘asks’) for you to consider. Of course, none of these are required. You could simply ask them in person or call them on the phone, but where’s the fun in that?!


Your friends will feel like they have received one of Willy Wonka’s golden tickets when they get the card above in the mail. Shiny and spirited, this bridesmaid ask is perfect for modern brides.  Or go adorable with this simple card (below).





Of course, a little humor is always appreciated. Being a bridesmaid isn’t all glamour and glitz. Sometimes it’s all about double-sided tape to prevent tragic wardrobe malfunctions (above) or choosing just the right words for your toast (below).





If you want to send something a little more playful than a card, these ideas are full o’ whimsy.  Above, your bridesmaids can inflate this balloon to find out the question. Or have them celebrate their new role with a glorious pop of glittering confetti (below)!





As you have recently learned, a question is always best when accompanied by a piece of jewelry.  Give them an adorable tulle pom necklace or petite gold charm (below). They can wear them later at your bridal shower or bachelorette party.




You can also personalize your bridesmaid invitations, such as with these floral wine labels (below). Pick a wine that you think they’ll love (they don’t have to be the same) and re-label them.






For those brides that really want to go the extra mile (we admire you, but remember to pace yourselves, ladies–wedding planning is a marathon, not a sprint), you can give bridesmaid asks that are thematically tied to your wedding.  For a vintage event, give out personalized floral handkerchiefs (above, left). Or give a gift box filled with mysterious details that hint at your decor. Above (right), this bride sent out her bridal party invites with Downtown Abbey-inspired details like white gloves.


And if you just want to all-out bribe them, nothing beats a box filled with favorite things (below) like wine, nail polish, details about the wedding (so that they know what they will be agreeing to), and color chips to help them with their dress and shoe selections.




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