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Bridesmaid Style Inspiration

Bridesmaid Style Inspiration

There’s no doubt that the bride and her gown are the stars of the wedding, but bridesmaid fashion is another important  part of the look and feel of a celebration.

Classic or contemporary, whimsical or romantic, choosing dresses that support your style and look good on your favorite gals is no small undertaking. And whether you’re into the traditional look of identical attire or toying with the idea of mismatched bridesmaids, these looks are sure to inspire. 

Tips for styling your bridesmaids
  1. It’s okay to get personal. One of the most popular trends in bridesmaid fashion is letting each bridesmaid pick her own dress. Not only does this give your bridesmaids the opportunity to be involved in the planning, it allows them to choose the dress that will look best on their body.
  2. Color them pretty. Some shades are universally flattering – and some colors just don’t look good on anyone. Airy color palettes feel romantic, bright colors and jewel tones can really pop in photos and neutrals only look good on certain skin tones.
  3. Be complementary. If you’re picking the dresses, choose a style that will complement and not compete with your own gown. Look for pretty, subtle details like similar fabrics or necklines.