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Destination Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses: Travel Ready & Stylish

Destination Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses: Travel Ready & Stylish

Depending on where you’re having your destination wedding, traditional bridesmaid dresses may not be an option. Here are some unique dresses to fit different locations!







So you are having a destination wedding.  And because it is up a hill or on the beach or in a jungle, you figure that traditional bridesmaid dresses are probably out of the question.  First, taffeta doesn’t breathe, and second, it doesn’t pack well.  And no one wants a wrinkled bridesmaid suffering from heat stroke.  We’ve gathered some uniquely destination wedding bridesmaid dresses for you to check out in all of their pretty, laidback, suitcase-friendly glory.



For beach weddings one silhouette you should really consider is the maxi dress.  Cool and comfortable (and long enough that a sudden ocean breeze won’t lead to a bridesmaid horror story), maxi dresses give off that boho vibe you are going for.







Bridesmaid dresses that are either machine washable or able to withstand a good emergency ironing session are perfect for packing.  If wrinkles are your deepest attire fear, stick to dark patterns. To avoid wrinkles, pack bridesmaid dresses in hanging bags, or fold carefully in suitcases.  Once you arrive at your destination, hang the dress up right away.  Most wrinkles with these fabrics will go away by hanging it up with enough time for the fabric to settle.




I am loving the shirtdress trend right now, and can you just imagine this sky blue linen dress at a Mediterranean affair?  Seriously, this has beach holiday written all over it.  With a great side pony and cutie-patootie shoes, this look is completely wedding ready.  And the natural linen blend just needs a quick in-room iron before you leave.







Another tip for bridesmaid dresses that travel well is picking simple silhouettes. Don’t attempt to transport a dress with knife pleats or elaborate floral appliques.  They just won’t rest the way you want them to after being shuffled around.  Instead choose silhouettes that allow the fabric to drape naturally, with a lot of flow.







Is your destination really, really remote?  As in you have to hike to get there and this dress has to travel via backpack?  There is a dress for you!  This navy sundress (above) is a cotton/modal blend that breathes really well and feels even better (the fabric is commonly used in yoga clothes–so you know it moves with ease).  Also pretty sturdy is this basic (but pretty darn cool) orange tank dress (below).  While the length would prohibit you from an serious climbing, it’s not so fussy that it can withstand a little adventure.







If you absolutely must have traditional bridesmaid dresses at your destination wedding, you should consider a convertible dress in long and short lengths. The fabric stands up well to travel mishaps, and the flexibility of how the dress can be worn can accommodate most preferences.







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