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Long Bridesmaid Dresses for Under $100

Long Bridesmaid Dresses for Under $100

Weddings aren’t just expensive for the bride and groom, your bridal party is expected to drop some serious cash as well. Next time you brainstorm dresses for your girls, consider these dresses.


long blue dress



You may be wearing a neutral color, but your girls don’t have to. Long bridesmaid dresses that match your wedding colors are a perfect choice.

coral bridesmaid dress



Maxi dresses are on trend and can be found everywhere at any budget, making them ideal long bridesmaid dresses. This dress from Old Navy is a great option and only $30.





A fancier wedding doesn’t have to break the bank. Consider this simple, conservative dress as an option for your long bridesmaid dresses.


sequined bridesmaid dress



Your bridesmaids will sparkle and shine in these gold sequined dresses. You’d never guess that this metallic gown is only $68!


trendy black jumpsuit



Ditch the dresses and let your girls wear sexy (power) suits. Your girls will look great and feel comfortable. Pair them with a bold statement necklace or attention-grabbing heels.


red bridesmaid dress



Long bridesmaid dresses tend to have a reputation: they’re impossible to wear again. While it’s true that a taffeta gown may not get much wear beyond your big day, opting for a dress that hits below the knee like this one from ASOS is perfect for a summer wedding and a summer date night.


blue bridesmaid dress



Lace is flirty and romantic, and therefore a terrific fabric for a bridesmaid dress. Your bridal party will surely feel the love in these dresses by Morgan and Co.


teal bridesmaid dress



This stunning asymmetrical gown is elegant and refined. With an intrincately detailed shoulder, it’s classic without being ordinary.


print bridesmaid dress



Kick your wedding up a notch and put your girls in these fun patterned dresses. They are perfect for a relaxed outdoor wedding in the summertime.

strapless bridesmaid dress

A Little Bling

This dress is perfect for the bridal party that refuses to leave the house without looking their glam best. The beaded belt provides just enough drama and flair.